nddsicon_hand“Innovative, easy-to-use, affordable.”


The ndds is an innovative developmental checklist that follows a child from one month of age to six years. It provides a snapshot of a child’s development to discuss with parents. The simple one-page checklist also features a detachable sheet of activities for enhancing a child’s development.

Vision Statement

All children will have the opportunity to reach their developmental potential

Mission Statement

The ndds is a not-for-profit organization committed to promoting optimal child development by:

  • Providing a simple, affordable checklist that assists in the early identification of delays.
  • Providing suggestions and activities that foster age appropriate development.
  • Offering support and education on the use of the ndds.
  • Making the ndds available to diverse populations.

t: (705) 472-9211 or 1-888-582-0944
f: (705) 472-9588