nddsicon_hand“All children will have the opportunity to reach their developmental potential.”


A multi disciplinary team updated the content of the ndds to reflect current research in child development and to support changing norms. An item by item literature review was conducted with support from the Government of Ontario to ensure that all areas had the support of a high level of evidence.

An independent team of internationally renowned child development researchers, led by Dr. John Cairney and Dr. Jean Clinton from the Offord Centre at McMaster University, conducted a robust reliability and validation study of the new ndds.  A summary of the results is posted below.

Psychometric Assessment of the ndds (PANS)

“Let’s Grow” is an age-paced mail-out package designed to provide parenting support information to all families and children from birth to five years of age. The ndds is included in each package for the family to complete on their child. Middlesex London Health Unit completed a three phase evaluation on the “Let’s Grow” program. 

“Let’s Grow” Evaluation Pt. 1 (PDF) 
“Let’s Grow” Evaluation Pt. 2 (PDF) 
“Let’s Grow” Evaluation Pt. 3 (PDF) 

In 2004, Consortium for Health, Intervention, Learning and Development (CHILD) conducted a research study “Validation of ndds For Use With Infants and Toddlers”. The purpose was to “Evaluate concurrent validity of the ndds for children 4, 18, 24 and 36 months of age, by comparing ndds results to the results of direct child assessments.” The full report is published below, with permission of the authors. 

Consortium for Health, Intervention, Learning & Development Report (PDF) 

As part of the “Healthy Babies / Healthy Children” (HB/HC) evaluation, a reliability and validity study was conducted on the ndds by Applied Research Consultants from the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. The report states that ndds is “one of the key screening tools to identify children after the postpartum period who may benefit from Healthy Babies Healthy Children services.” 

Healthy Babies / Healthy Children Report (PDF) 
Healthy Babies / Healthy Children Report Appendix (PDF) 

Other Studies: 

(New) BORN (Ontario's Enhanced 18-Month Well-Baby Visit EMR Integration and Repository Project)
Reliability and Validity Study (PDF)
Field Test Report of the ndds in the NWT (PDF) 
Patterns of Use of the ndds by Physicians in Ontario (PDF)


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