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The ndds is an easy-to-use developmental checklist to be completed by a parent or health/child care professional, that follows a child from 1 month of age to 6 years. Read more about benefits of the ndds or view a sample 18-month checklist.

The ndds is available in multiple formats, both in print and online. Follow the links below for specific product and ordering information:

screen_icons_1_1monthsscreen_icons_2_4monthsscreen_icons_3_6monthsscreen_icons_4_9monthsscreen_icons_5_12monthsscreen_icons_6_15months18 Monthsscreen_icons_7_2yearsscreen_icons_8_30monthsscreen_icons_3_yearsscreen_icons_9_4yearsscreen_icons_10_5yearsscreen_icons_11_6years

The areas of development covered by the ndds include:

  • emotional
  • fine motor
  • gross motor
  • learning and thinking
  • self-help
  • social
  • communication
  • plus vision and hearing.

The NDDS is completed in three easy steps:

1. Choose the checklist that matches your child's age.

The ages are noted on each checklist. If your child falls between two ages, use the earlier age (e.g. if your child is 4 1/2 years old use the 4 year old checklist). Healthcare professionals may want to correct for prematurity based on their current clinical practice.

2. Answer the questions to the best of your ability.

If you are not sure, try the question with your child before checking yes or no. Any examples provided are only suggestions. You may use similar examples from your family experience. The language and communication items can be asked in the child's first language. Any items with an * may not be common to all cultures.

3. Follow-up with your health care and/or child care professional.

If you answer "no" to any question or have any concerns about your child's development, follow-up with your health care and/or child care professional.


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