"How do you know when a child needs early intervention? We give you a developmental checklist"


What is the Family Enrichment Program?

The Family Enrichment Program has been helping North Bay and Area families since 1980. It is a resource program which supports families who may be at risk because of social, psychological or financial stress. The program operates five mornings a week with the Friday morning being targeted to teen mothers and their children in partnership with the Community Action Program for Children (CAPC). Each family attends one morning per week.

The parents participate in classroom sessions with a teacher and with good attendance they can achieve up to 3 high school credits. The children are cared for during this time by a group of dedicated volunteers (1:1 ratio) and three childcare staff. The children take part in activities designed for their age group in a stimulating environment.

How do they use the ndds and what do they think about it?

At the Family Enrichment Program the ndds is used regularly by the staff in their work with young children. They find it fast and easy to use as they monitor development of busy children. The volunteers can check the items on the ndds as they are the ones that work 1:1 with the children on a weekly basis. The childcare staff can then review and check for any "NO" answers. They then talk to the parents and provide them with a copy of the ndds and the Activity sheet that goes with that age group.

The childcare staff says it is easy to explain to the volunteers and the parents. They also find it is a great tool for talking to parents about their child's development. The activity sheets which accompany the ndds are a great handout for parents to continue working/playing at home with their children.

Also the childcare staff finds the ndds, with its' 13 age groupings (1mos. - 6 yrs.), helpful when they are planning the children's program and purchasing toys and equipment. It keeps them on track to ensure they are meeting the children's developmental milestones. They also like the YES/NO format when answering the questions. They can then say to the parent – "this is what I see and this is why we need to refer". They know with the ndds if the child is not doing a certain item then it is a cause for concern and needs to be looked at and possibly a referral.

They have made referrals to other agencies for speech, physiotherapy, behaviour etc. based on the use of the checklist and as these agencies are also using the ndds and are familiar with it the referral process is easier. It keeps everyone universal and consistent and this can only be a good thing when dealing with young children.

Would they recommend the ndds to other Programs?

The answer was a resounding YES. It is easy to use, affordable and not intimidating to parents.


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